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Reminiscent of an era inclined to opulent splendour, the premiere collection of French Maid Boutique is one of anticipated inspiration. Spiced with a blend of elegant directions, sensual and captivating with bold and dramatic overtones. Simplicity rules in contemporary comfort through provocative designs and fabrics of choice.  A collector's collection of sculpturesque proportions fashioned in chiffon, charmeuse, silks and lace.



"Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful."

Helen Keller


At birth, a newborn’s world is black, white and shades of gray. With only the ability to focus at a distance of eight to twelve inches, their vision is blurred. Learning how to see, focusing, teaming eye movements, recognizing depth, hand-eye coordination and making spatial judgments are developed during the early weeks and months of life. By four months, babies begin to see in full colour exposing an exciting new world.  


For A Short Time, You Can Pick Up Some Carats At Hemsleys For Peanuts.


Our entire collection of handcrafted 14k gold rings are up to 60% off.

The Only Thing Foolish About Gold At Hemsleys Is The Price.


Our gold rush is on at Hemsleys. Our gold jewellery collection is now up to 70% off. But Hurry, now's the time to stake your claim.




    The food you eat helps to create balanced blood sugar, which in turn gives you needed energy. All food sources of fats, proteins, sugars and carbohydrates have the ability to sustain blood sugars positively or negatively. Sugars and carbohydrates have negative impact, while fats and proteins have the most positive effect by sustaining blood sugars evenly throughout the day.

   Mid afternoon fatigue? It’s usually due to dropping blood sugars. When you consume foods that do not sustain your blood sugar levels properly, your energy levels tend to wane. To create, sustain and regenerate energy for a better quality of life, balancing your blood sugar is your first step.






     In each of our lighting collections you will  find superb craftsmanship & quality materials. We offer handmade glassware of European origin using traditional Old World techniques mastered through centuries of the glass makers art. Many of our products feature copyrighted designs and are either manufactured by us in North America, or made to conform to our engineering standards. Our indoor lighting products come with a limited lifetime warranty against any electrical or structural defects. Although user serviceable items like bulbs, ballasts & transformers do require periodic replacement, we use only the highest performance components available.

Now that's style.


At Subaru Auto Centre, Come In, Relax, Take It Easy. And If You Want to Buy a Car, We'll Sell You One.


There's no pressure here. Our sales team is the best in Canada and when you're ready, we're ready. And if hanging out with us is what you'd like to do, the coffee's on us.

At Subaru Auto Centre,

We Do Our Best To Drive People Away.


In a Subaru, of course. Once you experience All Wheel Drive, you'll never want to drive anything else. So come in, pick a car and we'll take you for a spin.

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Travelling the world for the uncommon thread.


Our design team travels the world monthly researching the market to purchase the latest fashion concepts, newest styles, colours and fabrics.

We meet with designers; visit the fashion alleys of Paris, Milan and London with a keen eye to separate the fleeting from the bona fide that will ultimately steer the design of our collection.

Our philosophy is simple: seek out styles influencing and capturing the fashion aficionado of the day, or rather, the season to come, and translate it for mass markets. Our insight of interpreting new trends gives vision to our customers. Products are brought quickly to the market by focusing on customers’ supply chain days and inventory levels to realize the best bottom line possible.

Our customers have come to expect the best in market research, merchandising and in-depth trend analysis; when our presentations are made, they are confident our proposals come with merit and on target.

Our offices in New York, Montreal, Toronto and London are diligent in monitoring fashion fluctuations; ever attentive to what models the industry and what will capture consumer interest. It’s the thread that keeps it all together.


Trends recognized. Product realized.

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